Confidence and Creativity Spell Jar Kit

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This small but mighty spell is all about using your intention to invite Confident and Creative Energy into your life and space. Your intention is your most powerful manifestation tool - now combined with the practise of casting your spell to aid in bringing that intention into reality. 


Carnelian Chips - to invite self worth and motivation

Sodalite Chips - to invite creative energy as well as self esteem and self trust

Himalayan Pink Salt - for grounding and protection

Dried Jasmine Buds - to encourage relaxation and confidence

Sage - to aid in cleansing old energy

Handmade Paper - to write your intention down on

1 Orange Candle - the colour of Creativity - to seal in your spell



1. Carefully remove and light the sage leaf on fire. Blow out the flame and drop the leaf back into the jar. Allow the smoke to fill the jar.

2. On the piece of paper provided, write down your intention for your spell. Be as detailed as you like. This could include statements such as:

  • “I am confident and I love myself for what I am able to create for my life.” 
  • “I am full of creative energy, and I am capable of using that energy to create something beautiful.”
  • “I am creative and have the will to take advantage of my talents.”

Once the Sage leaf has stopped smoking, tightly roll up the slip of paper, and place it in the bottom of the jar. 

3. Begin to layer the salt, jasmine buds, Carnelian and Sodalite chips into the jar over the top of the slip of paper. Keep your intention in mind, or say it aloud as you do add each ingredient. 

4. Replace the cork topper in the top of the bottle. Seal your spell jar by lighting the orange candle and letting the wax drip over the top and down the sides of the bottle. Allow the wax to cool and harden. 

5. Your spell is complete. Place your Spell Jar in your home where you intuitively feel it will bring you the most creative and confident energy. This could be in your bedroom, or somewhere in your home where you spend time creating whatever it is that you’re passionate about.