Smokey Citrine Quartz Crystal Obelisk Wand Point

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Smoky Citrine Quartz - a combination of Citrine and Smoky Quartz, characterized by dark brownish-yellow patches in clear crystal; excellent for removing blockages from one's spiritual path, and for enhancing metaphysical abilities and grounding them into everyday reality.

This makes a Smokey Citrine crystal ideal for a variety of intentions, including happiness, confidence, manifestation, and wealth.

The unique color is due to the Citrine's growth occurring in a layer of earth where gamma radiation is present—this combined with the heat and pressure created the yellow/green coloration. Additional intrusion of oxides during the growth cycle produced the phantoms and smoky patterns within this Citrine! 

All of our crystals are cleansed and charged with the highest intentions for their new owner.

Approx. 25 x 20 x 150mm

Weight - 146g

*Photo taken in white light photo booth, colour may vary due to lighting and screen calibration


When cleansing your crystal, hold them under clean, cold running water, like a stream, spring, or tap. Pat dry with a soft towel and place in the sun to be energized. 

Like almost all crystals, it can also be cleansed with smudging and intention to remove unwanted or negative energy.

Full moon charging, sound and reiki on the crystal is also a powerful way to care for your crystals.

All of our crystals are lovingly cleansed by smudging and sound bath before being sent off to their new homes with intention of bringing joy and healing to their owners.