Golden Rutilated Quartz and Cinnamon Soap by Belle Ricci

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Photo and description provided by Belle Ricci

Cinnamon scented topped with golden rutilated quartz. Golden Rutilated Quartz quickens the process of manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening, consciousness expansion, and inter-dimensional travel. It assists us in attuning to our Higher Self and helps us know if someone or situation is not serving us.

Weight: 120gm

Care: the rule of thumb is to never let your bar sit in standing water. Doing so will cause the bar to deteriorate quickly. For a longer lasting bar, keep your soap in a soap dish or shower rack.


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter

Castor Oil

Jojoba Oil

Almond Oil

Cinnamon and spice oil



Distilled water

Tumbled golden Rutilated Quartz

All ingredients have been ethically sourced and are vegan friendly