Iridescent Black Kyanite

Iridescent Black Kyanite

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Black Kyanite is a powerful tool for self discovery. It helps to ask all the right questions, while diving deep within to understand one's most true desires and interests. It reveals hidden talents, and clears the way towards the destined path.

These particular pieces were hand selected by us for their naturally occurring iridescence.

Great for spiritual work; it brings clarity and awareness to the mind, making it a great conduit to reach high levels of consciousness and open the mind to receiving divine messages.

It works as an energetic shield, transmuting any negative energy into positive. It is a great stone for healers, shamans, and anyone working to discover their destiny or the destiny of others.

Need to put boundaries in place as an act of self love? Black Kyanite has your back!

Each piece is sold separately and intuitively selected upon purchase.