Manifest Healing - Bath Salts

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Got a week inside and feeling worse for wear?

Perfect timing for a soothing bath, we got you! 

Packed full of magnesium flakes, Dead Sea and Himalayan salts for muscle soothing and detoxing, we also added essential oils like Eucalyptus for clear breathing, peppermint for headaches, lavender for calming rest and lemon for uplifting your mood. 

We also skipped adding botanicals, because the last thing you need when feeling under the weather is to be spending time cleaning your bath afterwards.

Add to a hot or cool bath, pop some water friendly crystals in the tub (we love amethyst and clear quartz) and soak in the high vibes while supporting your body on it’s recovery journey.

You may want to grab a couple of these pouches, they’re handy to have it a friend or loved one is in the same boat! 

Each pouch is approx 200g and made with love and high vibes in our Fawkner store.