‘Manifest Healing’ Pack

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It’s seeming more likely that ever we’ll have to have a stint of time at home in isolation, while our body recovers.

We put together this pack of high vibe tools to help you through.

What’s included:

Immune Support Crystals:
• Clear Quartz - ‘The Master Healer’
• Bloodstone - promotes stimulation of the immune system, revitalising the body after illness, encourages purification of blood
• Amethyst - offers protection, promotes healing, aids in cleansing, supports pain relief including headaches
• Large Lepidolite - purification, rest and calm
• Selenite - removes negative energy, cleansing
• Fluorite Keyring - cleanse and clear toxins, regeneration, supports immune system
• Black Tourmaline - protection, strengthen immune system, aids in detoxify body, helps with illness of the lungs
• Emerald - health and recovering from illness
*Carry Pouch included.

Healing Hand hanger - a shamanic symbol of healing used by American First Nations Hopi people, which has been adopted as a symbol of healing and protection around the world. The spiral is said to represent the universe, and when combined with the hand, the symbol is said to have therapeutic energy. With the addition of the Flower of Life sacred geometry pattern, this wall hanger is a reminder that you have the power to heal yourself and also… Wash your hands!

Bath Salts - a soothing blend of magnesium salts, Himalayan salt, Dead Sea, plus essential oils of peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender.

A5 booklet with 7 high vibe colouring in pages with affirmations of health 

*Coloured pencils not included.

Considering the usual shipping delays and demand on postal services, it would be a great idea to grab a pack ready for yourself or a loved one so you can utilise it as soon as it’s needed.