Manifest Love Mini Kit

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Manifest Love of all kinds with this beautiful mini kit.


Palo Santo and Loose White Sage - Cleansing - burn off those bad vibes and cleanse your mind and space ready to receive love. Please burn in a heat proof dish or bowl.

Selenite - Restore - allow Selenite to cleanse and recharge your love vibes and bring your them up.

Clear Quartz - The Master Healer - To aid in boosting the energies of other crystals, maximising effects of the entire experience. Heal those old wounds that may be blocking you from receiving love.

Rose Quartz - Fill your heart - Rose Quartz will open your heart to love and allow love to flow freely from and to you.

Amethyst: Relax - that’s all you gotta do with this one. don't stress or concern yourself with the how love will find you... be cool and relax knowing it's on it's way!

How to use:
• You can keep your stones with you in your pockets or handbag, or place them around your home.
• Your Selenite shard can be placedon a window sill, preferably somewhere where it can soak up some moonlight during the evenings.
• Use the Palo Santo ,and the loose sage similarly to how you would use a sage smudging stick, lit and smoking with no visible flames. *Please only place your loose sage leaves in a heat proof bowl before lighting*

Our recommendation: The Love Bath
Light your sage and/or Palo Santo prior to jumping into a bath (hopefully with some of our bath salts), put on some soothing music, grab a glass of wine, and let all your stress float away while you visualise your heart full of love.... enjoy daydreaming about how good that love feels. When we do this, we put our order in with the universe, it's manifesting at it's fundamental level.

The rough stones can be placed in your bath water to add some extra high vibes to the experience.

*Please do not place Selenite in the bath water with the rest of your stones, as it is not water proof*