Manifest Love Spell Jar Kit

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Manifest Love of all kinds with this powerful spell jar

This spell jar is the sweet touch you need to attract the the person with the right energy for you.

The best time to cast this spell is during a full moon or on a Friday.

Pink food coloring for romance
Orange food coloring for attraction
White sugar for sweetness
1 pen/marker (with orange or pink ink if possible)

Rose Quartz Chips for love
Selenite shards for a fresh start
Pink Salt for cleansing and protection
Dried red  rose petals for love
Dried lavender for love and protection
Sage for clearing old love habits
Handmade Paper
1 pink candle

1. Burn the sage leaf and allow the smoke to fill the jar

2. Fill two separate bowls halfway with white sugar.
Add one drop of pink food coloring to one and one drop of orange to the the other.
Mix well until the sugar in each bowl is a consistent color.

3. With the pen and paper, write the qualities of the person you’re hoping to attract,
and put the paper in the bottom of your jar.

4. With a mortar and pestle, crush together the roses and lavender,
all while thinking about your intention to attract love.

5. Layer pink sugar, herb mixture, and orange sugar until you fill the jar.

6. Sprinkle the rose quartz and selenite to draw love and happiness on the top.

7. You can seal the jar and leave it at that, or burn the pink candle and melt wax over the top to seal it.