Seed of Life Wooden Crystal Plate

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The perfect home for a collection of your favourite smaller rough stones, points and tumbles. 
Etched at Amandala Life HQ. 

Approx. 9-10cm in Diameter 

Size and wood grain pattern per item are naturally unique may differ from pictured example. 

Stones pictured not included. 

The Seed of Life is a two-dimensional illustration that consists of seven circles of the same size, which overlap. There are six circles on the outside, which interconnect with the seventh circle in the middle. The image looks like a set of equally proportioned flowers. The design is not only beautiful; it has profound symbolic meaning.

Rooted in the Seed of Life’s meaning is a school of thought referred to as Sacred Geometry. According to Sacred Geometry, patterns in nature are viewed from a mathematical viewpoint and they have broad implications. The “sacred” part is a belief that these patterns, their mathematical formulas, and their structure are evidence of divine planning and creation.

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