Self Care Mini Kit

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Introducing our Self Care Mini Kit! A great addition to any Christmas gift for all high vibe enthusiasts, and those who you feel may need a little extra boost!
This cute little package includes the basics... rough pieces of Rose Quartz, Chevron Amethyst and Clear Quartz, a shard of our favourite, Selenite, a stick of Palo Santo, and some loose sage.


• Palo Santo and Loose Sage: Cleansing - burn off those bad vibes and cleanse your mind and space. Please burn in a heat proof dish or bowl.

• Selenite: Restore - allow Selenite to recharge your vibes and bring your vibes up.

• Clear Quartz - The Master Healer - To aid in boosting the energies of other crystals, maximising effects of the entire experience.

• Rose Quartz: Fill your heart - Rose Quartz will open your heart to love and allow love to flow freely from you.

• Chevron Amethyst: Relax - that’s all you gotta do with this one!

How to use:
• You can keep your stones with you in your pockets or handbag, or place them around your home.
• Your Selenite shard can be placedon a window sill, preferably somewhere where it can soak up some moonlight during the evenings.
• Use the Palo Santo ,and the loose sage similarly to how you would use a sage smudging stick, lit and smoking with no visible flames. *Please only place your loose sage leaves in a heat proof bowl before lighting*

Our recommendation:
Light your sage and/or Palo Santo prior to jumping into a bath, put on some soothing music, grab a glass of wine, and let all your stress float away. The rough stones can be placed in your bath water to add some extra high vibes to the experience.
*Please do not place Selenite in the bath water with the rest of your stones, as it is not water proof*