Tigers Eye Pendulum

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Tiger’s Eye helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance.

It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.

All our crystals have been cleansed, charged and smudged to prepare for their new home.

How to use a pendulum

Pendulums are incredibly useful divination tools, with many ways to use them. Simply asking yes/no questions of your pendulum can help give you the confirmation you need to move forward.

Lost your keys? Grab a pendulum and ask a question like ‘are they in the kitchen?’

Not sure if that new job is the right move? See what comes up when you use your pendulum!

Will you end up with that person you have your eye on? The pendulum can give you some guidance on that.

Clear your mind, get comfy and program your pendulum by asking it to show you or telling it yes/no/maybe signals.

Some common, signals that you can choose to use:
- front to back (like a head nod - for “yes”)
- side to side (like a head shake - for “no”)
- clockwise circle
- counterclockwise circle

Verify the programmed signals by asking it questions you know the answer to

Ask that the answers come from your higher self, rather than your subconscious.

Saying out loud (or in your mind) “I call upon the higher self to answer these questions. I seek only truthful answers, which are aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned.”

Be patient in waiting for an answer, concentrate on your question and not what you think the answer should be (that could be your ego talking baby… and your higher self is above all that noise)

When the pendulum swings, look at it - observe its direction. This is your answer.

If it doesn’t move right away, give it time, or if it’s unclear what the signal is, try rephrasing the question and do it again.

When the pendulum swings with force, it’s answering loudly. Trust that you have your answer.

If it swings with only light force, you can interpret this as a quiet, less sure response.

Once you have your answer, clear the question by touching the pendulum to your palm and a little ‘thank you’ as a sign of gratitude for the guidance. You are then free to ask another question or pop that pendulum somewhere safe.

✨Helpful Tips✨

- Relax, enjoy the connection with your higher self

- Be open, neutral and definitely don't try to predict answers.

- Be clear in the way you phrase your questions.

- Be patient & present, clear your mind of the attachment to the outcome

- To get a stronger response, say “respond louder please”or "be more clear".

- Cup your other hand underneath the point or weight stone to help focus energy. You're tapping into YOUR higher self... This is based on your energy.