Unakite Tumbled Stone

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Unakite, sometimes known as Unakite jasper, is a form of granite that includes pieces of pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Green Epidote, and Quartz Crystals.

It has a distinctive, mottled green and pink appearance, and when it is polished, it has a beautiful multi-coloured appearance that makes for very striking jewellery.

Unakite was first discovered in the Unakas Mountains, a part of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States, which is where the stone gets its name.

It appears to have been caught up in glacial drifts during the Ice Age, and has been found all over North America, and also in South Africa, Brazil, and China, although never in the quantities present in the Unakas mountains.

It is a very grounding stone used to restore balance to the physical and emotional parts of our beings. It is said to bring balance to our emotions and our spiritual bodies. Unakite stone brings lightness to our beings and assists us in finding inner peace and calm